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The PowerTec is WALDRICH COBURG´s largest and most powerful portal machining centre. The modular design of this series lends itself to an extremely broad range of applications. As well as being available in many different sizes, it can be supplied in either a table or a gantry design, with a fixed or height-adjustable crossrail, with a single or double table or in a pallet design and with an integrated rotary table. Alternatively, the machine is available with 3 + 2 axes or as a five-axis milling machine.
The different milling heads combined with the highly-developed WALDRICH COBURG spindle units and the automatic changing systems for tools and spindle units guarantee the efficient machining of an extremely broad range of different workpieces.


Some uses of the PowerTec include power plant and turbine construction, the diesel engine industry and the production of general machinery.




Power [kW]:80 / 105 / 130
Clearance width [mm]:   3,500 - 14,000
Clearance height [mm]:2,000 - 10,000
Setup length [mm]:4,000 - 50,000

Application Example

Machining of Rails

Did you know that the railway network in Switzerland is the most extensive in Europe? And if you travel there by train, you are probably travelling on rails that were machined on machines from WALDRICH COBURG.

Switch plants are among WALDRICH COBURG's most important customers. Large special tools are used for the productive and efficient manufacturing of switch components for passenger and freight traffic. These special tools can only be used if the machine tool has the required rigidity, damping, milling power and milling torques - this is exactly where a WALDRICH COBURG is in its element.