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The MasterTec is the portal machining centre for medium-sized, medium-weight workpieces with a module design. It can of course be adapted in various ways to suit all special requirements of our customers. For example, the length, width and height can all be varied, and it can be supplied with a fixed or height-adjustable crossrail, with a single or double table or a pallet design, an integrated rotary table and of course with interchangeable spindle units. Alternatively, the machine is available with 3 + 2 axes or as a five-axis milling machine.


The MasterTec is principally used in the machine tool industry, in the production of general machinery, as well as in power plant and turbine construction, diesel engine construction and in the production of printing machines and machines for the plastics industry.




Power [kW]:63/80
Clearance width [mm]:2,000 - 6,000
Clearance height [mm]:1,500 - 5,500
Setup length [mm]:> 2,000


Cutting slabs

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Breitenfeld AG from Austria cuts slabs with tools from Boehlerit on a MasterTec 2500 FT.

The MasterTec has a setup length of 14,000 mm and a milling width of 2,000 mm.
Machining takes place with a power of up to 70 kW.

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