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Spindle Units


 Torque [Nm]


RPM [min-1]


Power [kW]


Vertical spindle unitV 15 S 1500 600063
Vertical spindle unitV 15 L1500600063
Vertical spindle unitV 25 H2500250063
Horizontal spindle unitH 15 S1500600063
Horizontal spindle unitH 25 S2500250063
Horizontal spindle unitH 07 L700250025
Universal Gimble headG 15 U1500600063
Universal Nutating headN 15 U1500600063
Universal offset spindle unitG 15 O1500600063
High frequency spindleHF 303001000031
High frequency spindleHF 07722000042


 * Only available with TAURUS 25 / 30 in HF version.


Options for Spindle units


5-axis software package

3D calibration

Spindle unit with tool holder HSK A-100