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Foundation and levelling wedges


The installation of the machine at floor level, on a flat foundation block can reduce the foundation cost by up to 70%.

Foundation pit covers are not needed, chip deflection plates and chip conveyors are integrated into the machine guarding. The pre-installed levelling wedges reduce the installation time of the machine. The ergonomic levelling and re-levelling of the machine geometry, due to foundation changes, can be done at any time thereby extending the long term accuracy of the machine. The detailed foundation calculation as well as the shuttering and reinforcement plan can be optionally selected for TAURUS.


Control systems

According to requirements, TAURUS can be delivered with either Heidenhain TNC 640 or Siemens 840 Dsl.


Thereby you can operate TAURUS using your familiar control systems.




Ergonomic control panel

Working with TAURUS is great!


Because of the large display and the manufacturer’s original keyboard, operating TAURUS is a pleasure. The whole control station can be swivelled and the angle of the keyboard can be adjusted.


With the optionally available video camera or InPro productivity package, a separate tablet and docking station with additional functions is also included for the operator’s use.


Energy box

TAURUS draws from years of refinement at WALDRICH COBURG with a focus on ease of maintenance and troubleshooting. Main electrical cabinets, hydraulic systems, coolant system, chiller system, valves, filters... are all organized for ease of access in the Energy Box.


Combined with modern tools like InPro software, energy recovery drive technology, and wear free guildeways the end user will clearly realize lower operating costs.