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Production package safety

This package includes a cleaning station for the tool flange and taper.


In addition, tool breakage detection using a laser is included.

Pallet changer

An optional pallet changer is available to allow part set-up in parallel with part machining. The fast double location shuttle takes only 3 minutes to exchange pallets. Extended chip conveyors keep the set-up area clean.

Fully enclosed guarding for the machine is included in the price of the pallet system.





Video camera

The dome-type video camera is located in the working area and allows the operator to view the far side of the workpiece.


The camera has swivel and zoom functions. The picture is shown on the InPro tablet.





InPro, the Interactive Production support allows ergonomic operation, increases the machine availability and contributes to machine safety. Maintenance personnel are assisted by a menu-guided system, the interactive diagnostics help for a speedy error search and the MDR gives information on machine use.


Fixture sheets, NC program management etc. are connected to a modern network. WALDRICH COBURG has used this for more than 15 years and Teleservice for more than 30 years.