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Modernization and Overhaul - the cost-effective alternative!

Every machine tool is subject to wear and tear during operation. The availability of a machine drops over the years due to the need for often unplanned repairs. The supply of spare parts, especially electrical components, becomes increasingly difficult with advancing age. The lack of spare parts can render the entire machine unusable. Reliable production planning becomes impossible.


Based on your requirements we develop the optimal custom solution to restore geometrical accuracy, technical availability, increase productivity, and safeguard the supply of spare parts. Furthermore, retrofitting can be used to significantly increase the performance of the machine.


The financial expense for a modernization, depending on the scope, is between 30-60% of the investment in a comparable new machine, and therefore represents the more cost-effective alternative.


Advice, planning, design, implementation of electrical and mechanical measures, programming, acceptance, and support are provided directly from a single source at Waldrich Coburg, even for the most complex projects.



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