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The highest precision, also for you!



Even if you do not own a WALDRICH COBURG, you do not need to forego high precision components.


Our satisfied customers produce products in a wide range of sectors: Power station components, diesel engines, rolling mill plants, printing presses and machine tools, aerospace, general mechanical engineering, and much more. 


You can utilize our know-how from this broad spectrum of application and profit from our in-house pool of latest machinery.

Precision for the space

Almost 2,800 satellites are currently orbiting the Earth.

It is nothing new that satellites are launched into space - but do they also work at a...

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Benefit from our machine park

Machinetype Manufacturer Machining Area
CNC - Machining Center Dixi X=1.200; Y=1.100; Z=1.100
CNC – Machining Center Hermle X=800; Y=800; Z=700
CNC – Machining Center Hermle X=1.000; Y=1.100; Z=750
CNC - Horizontal Machining Center Bohle X=1.700; Y=1.400; Z=1.100
CNC - Horizontal Machining Center Bohle X=1.700; Y=1.400; Z=1.100
CNC - Horizontal Machining Center WALDRICH COBURG X=3.000; Y=2.000; Z=4.000
CNC - Portal Milling Machine WALDRICH COBURG X=12.500; Y=2.500; Z=2.500
CNC - Portal Milling Machine WALDRICH COBURG X=7.000; Y=2.500; Z=2.500
CNC - Portal Milling Machine WALDRICH COBURG X=16.000; Y=3.000; Z=3.000
CNC - Portal Milling Machine WALDRICH COBURG X=27.200; Y=3.500; Z=4.000
CNC - Boring mill Wotan X=1.050; Y=600; Z=560
CNC - Boring mill Wotan X=1.700; Y=1.700; Z=1.250
CNC - Boring mill Wotan X=2.500; Y=1.250; Z=1.000
CNC - Gear hobbing machine TOS 850 x D900
NC - Milling Machine Kekeisen X=3.000; Y=1.000; Z=1.000
NC - Milling Machine Reckermann X=1.500; Y=500; Z=450
TNC- Universal Milling Machine Maho X=1.200; Y=500; Z=500
Machinetype Manufacturer Machining Area
External cylindrical grinder ELB 1.000 x D250
Internal cylindrical grinder Schandt 125 x D175
Flat Grinding Machine ELB X=2.000; Y = 750
CNC - Surface Grinder WALDRICH COBURG X=9.000; Y=2.000; Z=1.150; DH max. 900
CNC-Cylindrical grinding machine Danobat 2.500 x D600
CNC-Cylindrical grinding machine Kellenberger 1.500 x D225
CNC-Cylindrical grinding machine Kehren Rundtisch Ø1.000; Z=1.000
Gear profile grinding machine Kapp Niles 400 x D800; Innenschleifarm für Innenverzahnungen
Machinetype Manufacturer Machining Area
CNC-Lathe Heyligenstaedt 2.000 x D420
NC-Cycle lathe Weiler 4.000 x D830
NC-Cycle lathe Weiler 2.000 x D280
Centre lathe Böhringer 2.000 x D520
Centre lathe Heidenreich 1.500 x D280
Centre lathe Weiler 2.000 x D345


Machinetype Manufacturer Machining Area
3D measuring machine Zeiss Accura 14 X=1.600; Y=2.400; Z=1.400
3D measuring machine Zeiss Prismo 10 X=1.200; Y=2.400; Z=1.000

Shaping / Lapping

Machinetype Manufacturer Machining Area
Shaper Ravensburg Z = 600
Lapping machine