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TAURUS 30 Gemini celebrates successful launch

Created by Thomas Nagel |

More than 200 customers, guests and media representatives used the Open House to learn more about the TAURUS 30 Gemini.

On 27.09.2021, the curtain fell for the first time at Hahnweg after the countdown and Managing Director Uwe Herold was excited about the impressive launch of the TAURUS 30 Gemini: "It is with great pride that we can show you the first machine of this series and I am pleased that we can celebrate this event together with you."


The Gemini represents a new performance class in the market and is therefore unique, above all because of the unprecedented combination of performance/dynamics and dynamic properties far above what the competitors have offered to date.


And this gives WALDRICH COBURG's customers a real, measurable additional benefit in workpiece machining and thus a competitive advantage.


At the beginning of the Open House, Uwe Herold emphasised what WALDRICH COBURG stands for: "First and foremost, we stand for first-class machine tools Made in Germany. We can look back on a history of over 100 years. It all began with the Globuswerke lathe from the 1920s.

For many decades, the focus was on portal milling machines with a great success record, often huge, highly accurate, very precise and with a high performance. Therefore, in addition to new machines, it is also important to offer all the necessary services and products in service, for the entire life of the machine, which often lasts for several decades."



In 2014, a new era began for WALDRICH COBURG. The business model was placed on a wider base. Uwe Herold explains this decision: "Therefore, we had decided to offer standard machines in addition to the well-known customised machines and service. For this purpose, we created the TAURUS product line."

At that time, WALDRICH COBURG has faced the challenge of integrating the good WALDRICH COBURG DNA into this new product, which is to be found at a completely different price level than the previous machines.



For the Coburg company, it was clear "that we would not use linear guides for the machining axes as our competitors do, but rather the hydrostatic guide system that we had developed and improved, in order to achieve the performance that we had specified." says Uwe Herold, explaining the company's decision.



In terms of design, new paths have been followed with the aim of also taking the emotional side into account in the purchase decision.

The market launch with the TAURUS 25/30 was a brilliant success. Uwe Herold looked proudly at the market situation: "Some competitors still haven't understood how we manage to offer the TAURUS at such an unrivalled price/performance ratio."  



WALDRICH COBURG was not previously known in the market for bridge type gantries. It was therefore obvious that the second product in the Taurus product family would be based on this machine concept.

The aim was to combine the advantages of a portal machine with the concept of a bridge type gantry, thus virtually covering several machine categories. The TAURUS 30 Gemini stands for high performance and great dynamics.



"And we have achieved this with the technical parameters of 63 kW output and 1,500 Nm torque and dynamic machining with up to 20,000 rpm," Uwe Herold summed up with satisfaction.



WALDRICH COBURG will appeal to customers with this machine who are looking for high productivity, require the best surfaces and high accuracies, and at the same time want a high machining performance.

Mould and die making, for example, is a large field of activity for the Gemini. With the two lengths of 4 or 7 m in the X direction and the rotary table, which is also available, WALDRICH COBURG offers customers a flexible all-rounder with a design that fits seamlessly into the TAURUS 25/30 line.



The aim in future will be to consistently anchor standard machines in the business model. "We have the courage - and thus the will to break new shores - and the innovation. These are two important components of our corporate values," said Uwe Herold in conclusion, looking to the future of WALDRICH COBURG.