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100 years of WALDRICH COBURG

Created by Thomas Nagel |

Founded, on 10 February 1920, in a small factory estate in the Gerbergasse with 20 employees. The success story of WALDRICH COBURG began 100 years ago.

We took this day as an opportunity to celebrate with 100 guests in great style in the glass museum. Of course, we chose the location quite wisely, also in memory of our namesake and deserving entrepreneur Otto Waldrich. Our guests were among others Martin Kapp, Thomas Kaeser, Norbert Tessmer, Sebastian Straubel, Friedrich Herdan.

Musically the ceremony was performed by the 1st concertmaster of the Landestheater Coburg, Martin Emmerich on violin, Mina Kim on piano and with Martin Hilmer as glass harpist. Here are the impressions from the glass museum and the orangery.