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Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH


Machine tool manufacturer HELLER in Nürtingen relies on proven WALDRICH COBURG quality when it comes to machining core components for the machining centres. HELLER is one of the leading machine tool manufacturers worldwide.

WALDRICH COBURG machines are in use at two HELLER production sites. Since 2006, a MultiTec 3500 AT is working in Sorocaba, Brazil, and since 2011, the MasterTec 4000 AT is the heart of the large part machining in Nürtingen. WALDRICH COBURG has had the MasterTec in its product range since 1998. It has been continuously further improved, so that it has now been built more than 80 times in different versions.

Heiko Mehl, department manager in the cubic parts production department at HELLER in Nürtingen, told us about his experience with the MasterTec from WALDRICH COBURG. For about ten years, the table-type machine in Nürtingen has been working accurately in three shifts, that means 16 to 18 shifts per week. HELLER can rely on the MasterTec, the technical availability of the machine is still about 95% after ten years and is also described by Heiko Mehl as high. Thanks to the double table design of the MasterTec, HELLER is clamping workpieces parallel to machining time, so the spindle operation is not interrupted by the set-up and clamping of components. HELLER mainly machines high-precision machine beds in batch size 1 on the portal machine, from rough to finished part.

The HELLER machine bed is completely machined on the MasterTec in two clamping positions. The WALDRICH COBURG performs reliably both the heavy-duty machining during roughing and the high-precision finishing of HELLER workpieces.

At HELLER, high precision means that the machine beds - the backbone of every HELLER machine - must be manufactured with the following precision:

  • The maximum permissible irregularity of the base surfaces of the guideways over a length of 3,500mm is 8µm, i.e. 0.008mm. 
  • The straightness of the stoppers must be within a tolerance band of 0.005mm (5µm), also over a length of 3.5m.
  • The tolerance range for parallelism and squareness is 10µm.

In short and explained more simply: 0.008mm is approximately the diameter of a spider web, a human hair is even 6 times thicker. A Golf 1 was about as long as a HELLER machine bed. Over the length of a Golf 1, the machine bed may therefore only differ or be uneven at the height of a cobweb.  

WALDRICH COBURG as manufacturer sees HELLER's many years of positive experience with MasterTecals as confirmation of their claim of precision from experience. With MasterTec, HELLER has a machine that has been producing this high precision safely and reliably in a stable process for almost ten years now.

We would like to thank HELLER for the very good cooperation over the past years.