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Manuel Hauck, Yannik Dittrich and Benedikt Koch awarded with Europass

Erstellt von Thomas Nagel | |   Newsletter

WALDRICH COBURG trainees gain international experience in Austria

Manuel Hauck and Yannik Dittrich from WALDRICH COBURG gained important experience in maintenance and assembly in Austria this summer.

This visit was part of the Erasmus program and has been taking place for 10 years in cooperation with Freiherr von Rast Schule, the professional school 1 in Coburg. The aim is cross-border education in working life in Europe.

During the Erasmus+ project, which is a 3-week internship abroad, the participants were now awarded with the Europass. All trainers of the trainees were present at the award ceremony as well as the former IHK president Friedrich Herdan and the current IHK president Dr. Andreas Engel, the second mayor of the city of Coburg Hans-Herbert Hartan and the principal Gerhard Schmid.

Manuel Hauck completed his internship at the company Inocon - Industrial Plants in Attnang-Puchheim, Yannik Dittrich at the company SML Maschinen in Redlham in Austria.

In maintenance, Manuel checked the FI switches, dismantled and cleaned a hydraulic press, repaired automatic skylights and fixed faults on various lathes and milling machines.

In his internship, Yannik worked in assembly. He assembled cable trays and piping around the entire machine. He also assembled extruders, feed blocks or distribution blocks or machine platforms. Through exchanges with colleagues, Yannik also gained valuable insights into the Austrian education system.

Our electronics technician trainee Benedikt Koch was also awarded the Europass. He had completed his internship in November in Waregem in Belgium at the company TVH. His tasks included the repair of joysticks, which he had to check, disassemble, clean and replace defective parts. In addition, he desoldered defective components on the boards, installed new ones and tested the joysticks for all functions via programs on the PCs.

The ERASMUS program is a funding program of the European Union for education, training, youth and sports. The educational program for lifetime learning already exists for 33 years. Particularly well known and popular is the Erasmus exchange program - which allows trainees to complete an internship. During this time abroad, participants also receive financial and non-material support. In their free time, the program included a visit to the city of Salzburg with the Hohensalzburg Fortress, Mirabell Castle, Mirabell Gardens, Lake Attersee and a ride on the Gundel to the Grünberg.

Jens Rattay considers the Erasmus program a valuable contribution: "WALDRICH COBURG has been happy to participate in the Erasmus program for years. The stay abroad enables our dedicated trainees to broaden their horizons far beyond the technical scope. Temporary work in a foreign working environment, in a different country and company, and with other colleagues gives rise to new perspectives and ideas that we can integrate well into our work at WALDRICH COBURG."

For trainees, the Erasmus program is particularly interesting because it helps them to significantly increase their later career opportunities through a stay abroad. In times of networking and globalization, trainees use the exchange to gain international experience in training and the work processes of other companies.

WALDRICH COBURG has been participating in the Erasmus program, a continuation of the Leonardo da Vinci project, in cooperation with the state professional school I in Coburg for ten years now.

Trainer Andreas Bätz encourages the young trainees: "I am always pleased to see our trainees' interest in the Europe-wide Erasmus+ project. In the process, they regularly expand their professional and intercultural skills, which benefits not only them but also our internationally active company. My advice to all interested trainees is to take the opportunity to participate and gain this experience."